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Engineers trust Chroma's electronic instruments, unmatched service and support for many applications. For years, Chroma has been a go-to supplier for military/aerospace, industrial and research applications with great success and the applications keep growing.

Consisted by large percentage of R&D engineers, Chroma puts large investment in research and development each year to ensure its leading technology. Core technologies in power electronics and optics have been the cornerstones for Chroma to drive forward to various new frontiers to provide innovative test solutions with precision, reliability, and uniqueness.

Battery Testing Applications


Chroma satisfies battery test requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with your need for accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power - statically and dynamically.

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Automotive/EV Applications

Electric Vehicles

Chroma's Electronic Loads play an important role in the testing of key parameters for the Electric Vehicle and provide excellent load characteristics for device testing.

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LED/Lighting Applications

LED Drivers

The industry's first LED simulator for LED driver testing. The LED’s forward voltage and operating resistance can be set to further adjust the loading and ripple current to better simulate LED characteristics.

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Solar Applications


Photovoltaic array and string testing with Chroma's Electronic Loads. The most important characteristic of the PV panel is its I-V curve...

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UPS/Power Supply Applications

UPS/Power Supply

Power Supplies call for a variety of load application testing including load regulation, over current/over load protection tests (OCP/OLP), transient response tests, and under voltage tests and custom load profiles...

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