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Chroma’s C8000 Automated Test Systems for LED Power Drivers is the ultimate solution for testing LED Power Drivers in the areas of Research and Development, Quality Assurance qualifications, Design Verification and Speed Production.

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Product Choices

LED Power Driver ATS
  • AC Sources: Chroma 6400/6500/61500/61600/61700 Series
  • DC Sources: Chroma 62000P/62000B/62000H
  • DC Loads: Chroma 6310A/63600/63200/6300/6330A/63472 Series
  • Power Meters: Chroma 66200 Series
  • Timing & Noise Analyzer: Chroma 6011/80611 Series + 80611N
  • OVP/Short Ciurcuit: Chroma 80612 Series
  • Oscilloscope: Tektronix TDS, DPO Series; Lecroy WR LT Series, Agilent DSO, MSO Series

Chroma has created the industries first LED load simulator for simulating LED loading with our Load module 63110A from our 6310A series Programmable Electronic DC Loads. The 63110A design is able to uniquely simulate real world characteristics of the LED, including the ability to simulate the V-I performance curve and PWM brightness and dimming control features.

Customized Test Fixtures

The test fixture, a device that interfaces between the ATS and UUT, is necessary for automated testing. Due to different form factors and various connector types, it is impossible to find an off the shelf test fixture that can fit all test requirements. The Chroma 8000 ATS support team not only helps plan and develop the ATS, but the also provide their expertise to tailor a test fixture to the customer’s needs.

Input/Ouput Characteristics

  Maximum Input Voltage Maximum Input power Maximum Input Current Maximum Output Voltage Maximum Output Power Maximum Output Current Maximum Number of Outputs
AC/DC 500 VAC 54 KVA 432 A 600 VDC 78 KW 5,000 A 32

Performance Tests

Output Performance Input Characteristics Regulation Tests Timing & Transient Protection Tests Special Tests Special Features
DC Output Voltage Input Inrush Current Current Regulation Power Up Sequence Short Circuit Fan Speed Can Bus Read/Write
DC Output Current Input RMS Current Voltage Regulation Power Down Sequence OV Protection Auto Alignment I2C Read/Write
Peak-Peak Noise Input Peak Current Total Regulation Transient Response Time UV Protection Correlation Test GPIB Read/Write
Current Ripple Input Power   Transient Spike OL Protection UUT Measurement Verfication Test RS-232 Read/Write
Efficiency Current Harmonics   Turn ON Time OP Protection High di/dt Loading RS-485 Read/Write
In-Test Adjustment Input Power Factor Rise Time TTL Signal Control
Power Good Signal Input Voltage Ramp Fall Time Relay Control
Power Fail Signal Input Frequency Ramp Hold-Up Timing Bar Code Scan
P/S ON Signal AC Cycle Drop Out Extra Timing DMM Measure
Extended Measure PLD Simulation Tracking  
Waveform Capture Swing Check  
Overshoot Voltage  

Basic System Layout

ATS Led Driver System Layout

Software Platform of ATS

ATS LED driver Software

The model C8000 ATS includes the industries most sophisticated and user friendly LED driver testing software platform, PowerPro III. This software is equipped with pre-written optimized standard test items to meet today’s LED Power Driver standards. With its open software architecture, users also have full control to create customized test items by using a special test test item editing function. This gives the users the capability to expand the test library unlimitedly.

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Expert Information

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DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies

  • A New Standard for High Accuracy Programmable DC Supplies
    Chroma's new 62000P Programmable DC power supplies offer many unique advantages for ATE integration and testing. These advantage include a constant power operating envelope, precision read back of output current and voltage, output trigger signals as well as the ability to create complex DC transients waveforms to test device behavior to spikes, drops, and other voltage deviations. The 62000P Series includes 9 different models ranging from 600W to 5000W, up to 120A and up to 600V.

Digital Power Meters

Digital Power Meters

  • Meets Energy Star Measuring Requirements
    The 66201 Digital Power Meter is packaged in a 2U high, half rack enclosure suitable for bench top or system integration and includes simple measurement functions designed for low power applications (maximum current 2A).

    Model 66202 Digital Power Meter includes a 2-shunt design to provide highly accurate readings for both low and high current measurements. In addition to the parameters measured by Model 66201, the 66202 includes Inrush current, Total Harmonic Distortion of V/I, and Energy measurements. With these practical functions, The Model 66202 is suitable for the most demanding of R&D and quality control departments.

AC Power Sources

AC Power Sources

  • High Power & Low Power AC Source Solutions
    Chroma designs and manufactures five families of leading edge programmable AC power sources, precision power supplies, frequency converters and related instrumentation for simulating AC mains and line fault simulations conditions. Our AC Power Sources are used in automatic testing equipment and bench top applications including avionics testing, IEC testing, Mil-std-704 Avionics, DO-160 Shipboard testing and power supply test applications.

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