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Chroma’s C8000 Automated Battery Charge & Discharge Test System is the best test solution to meet battery testing requirements of today’s environment. Our test systems are application oriented making them the most cost effective in the areas of Quality Assurance, Research & Development and Profile Testing. To ensure the safety of the operator, Battery and Test Equipment, Chroma has in place Hardware Protection (fuse and diode).

Product Choices

Customized Test Fixtures

The test fixture, a device that interfaces between the ATS and UUT, is necessary for automated testing. Due to different form factors and various connector types, it is impossible to find an off the shelf test fixture that can fit all test requirements. The Chroma 8000 ATS support team not only helps plan and develop the ATS, but the also provide their expertise to tailor a test fixture to the customer’s needs.

Input/Ouput Characteristics

  Output Voltage Output Power Output Current Max Number of Outputs
Charge 600 VDC 15 KW 375 A 6

  Input Voltage Input Power Input Current Max Number of Outputs
Discharge 500 VDC 15.6 KW 600 A 8

Performance Tests

Output Performances
  • 1. Loading Current
  • 2. Charge Test
  • 3. Output Power
  • 4. Output Current
  • 5. Output Voltage
  • 6. C-V Curve
  • 7. I-V Curve
Input Characteristics
  • 8. Input Voltage
  • 9. Input Power
  • 10. Input Current
  • 11. Input Power

Protection Tests
  • 12. Overcharge/Discharge Test
  • 13. Short Protection Test
Special Tests
  • 14. Temperature Measurement

Special Features
  • 15. BMS Data Read/Write
  • 16. DMM Measure

  • 17. Life Cycle Tests

Basic System Layout

ATS Battery Test Sytem Basic Layout

Software Platform of ATS

ATS Battery Testing Software

Chroma provides two software modules that integrate a DC Power Supply and an electronic load for battery pack testing. The first one is the Battery Charge/Discharge Testing Software that can program the test sequence, loop and stop conditions. The measured voltage / current / electricity will be recorded in a file for future analysis. The second software is the Dynamic Current waveform Simulation Software. It can read the Excel file that is recording the real discharge current waveform from battery, and instruct the electronic load to sink the same current. This is used to simulate real world applications and evaluate the battery pack in the lab.

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Expert Information

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DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies

  • A New Standard for High Accuracy Programmable DC Supplies
    Chroma's new 62000P Programmable DC power supplies offer many unique advantages for ATE integration and testing. These advantage include a constant power operating envelope, precision read back of output current and voltage, output trigger signals as well as the ability to create complex DC transients waveforms to test device behavior to spikes, drops, and other voltage deviations. The 62000P Series includes 9 different models ranging from 600W to 5000W, up to 120A and up to 600V.

6310A Series

6310a Series

  • Modular DC Electronic Load - New Features Added!
    The Chroma 6310A series Programmable DC Electronic Load is suitable for the test and evaluation of multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, and power electronic components. It is ideal for applications in research and development, production, and incoming inspection. The system is configured by plugging the user selectable load modules into the system mainframe. The user interfaces include an ergonomically designed user friendly keypad on the front panel and the following computer interfaces: RS-232, USB or GPIB.

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